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2209 West State Street

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Neshannock Branch

2810 Wilmington Road

New Castle PA 16105

Phone: (724)652-8070

Fax: (724)202-6568

New Castle Branch

1144 Butler Avenue

New Castle PA 16101

Phone: (724)656-3595

Fax: (724)656-0379

Text-Based Loans

Erica's Team: (724)740-8400

MaryLou's Team: (724)856-0926

Maureen's Team: (724)856-0976

Susan's Team: (724)761-2828

First Choice FCU Loan Application Requirements

Welcome to the First Choice FCU loan application page. Below you will find brief, general instructions for our loan application process. Please remember, if you want further help or guidance, you can contact one of our branches listed above, or visit us, Monday thru Friday 9:00A to 4:30P, and Saturdays at our Neshannock branch from 9:00A to 12:00P.

What information do you need when applying for a loan at First Choice Federal Credit Union?

In many circumstances, you will need a few pieces of documentation to verify your income, residence and, if applying for refinancing, some car details.

What do we need?

Please note, once your loan application has been submitted, we may need to collect additional information from you. We will contact you directly.

However, during this loan application process, you can upload any and all documents that are part of your loan application. Things like...

Once again, during any loan application process, additional documents may be required. We will do our best to let you know what those are prior to filling out your application. But, we do occasionally follow up with any further needs.

If you are looking for our VISA Credit Card disclosures you can find them here:

One final note, federal regulations require any credit report pulled for the purposes of a loan or line of credit to be from an existing credit union member of First Choice.

When ready, click on the "Proceed to my loan application" button below.

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